Deer Spotting Whilst Working From Home

by Cecilia Chapman on 6 July 2010

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This morning I was listening to my ipod catching up with a recording of a training conference call. I was relaxed and laying on my bed taking notes. Then in a classic case of right place right time I saw two deer coming into the garden.

Muntjac deer are common visitors to rural areas in the UK and as I live in rural Suffolk my garden is no exception when it comes to visits from the local wildlife. Muntjac do seem to be relatively abundant in the area  and we frequently see them but it is usually at a distance.

Only occassionally do we actually have deer close up. When we do it is usually a time when the fields are full of crops and providing plenty of cover for them to leave the secrecy of the local woods and safely wander the fields and into our garden. 

Some people dislike deer visiting their properties because they cause damage and eat plants but we enjoy them. Seeing visiting deeron the rare occasion is always a joy and I feel privileged to be working from home and able to enjoy their visits. If I was out at a job I wouldn't see much of the visiting wildlife at all.

Muntjac are also known as “barking deer” resulting from a repeated loud bark. After the deer had wandered through the garden separately they disappeared into the field behind us. I heard one of them barking, a sort of husky dog bark – presumably to the other to arrange a meet.

My video camera was in easyreach so you can enjoy some of muntjac visit below.

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