EgoPay New Payment Precessor For Internet Marketers

by Cecilia Chapman on 19 July 2012

in Affiliate Income, Earn Money Online

If you've been paying attention online you may have noticed some movement and changes with Payment Processors lately.

Payment Processors are those online payment accounts that we use to be paid our affiliate commissions and then transfer the funds to our bank accounts or use the credit to pay for items online.

For an Internet marketer it's extremely important to be up to date with these so that you are able to earn without barriers.

That doesn't mean you need an account with every payment processor going… but in order be PAID by companies and affiliate programs you are aligned with… and those you will join in the FUTURE… you need to be CURRENT or you will experience DELAYS in getting paid.

Some countries are BANNED by certain Payment Processors making it almost impossible to carry out business online if you live in one of those closed or banned countries… Others seem to take an ETERNITY to verify your account before you can use it.

In recent months the payment processor industry has had HUGE growth and has also been hit with new licensing so there have been lots of changes.

For example…

AlertPay changed to Payza… amid the changeover to the new system they've been plagued with a backlog of sorting themselves out, leaving people unable to use their credit cards within the account or even to verify new accounts.

One NEW Payment Processor is… EgoPay 

If you are an AlertPay user, or Payza as it's now called, you'll want to get in EARLY…

…and get your new account set up with EgoPay.

I know of at least one company who are stopping their use of Payza in favour of EgoPay.

You will be RELIEVED to hear, however, that EgoPay allows you to utilize Payza as a funding source…


New EgoPay accounts are EASY to set up and also have an AFFILIATE account included… This means you EARN from your referrals.

First SETUP your new account at

…then you will find your EgoPay AFFILIATE link by navigating to your PROFILE and then select the REFERRAL tab inside your account.

Nice and simple.

To your Success
Cecilia Chapman

p.s. Earning affiliate incomes allows you to have multiple income streams constantly dripping into your account. Get your EgoPay
account set up today!


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