Forex Automated Trading

by Cecilia Chapman on 15 March 2017

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FOREX Automated Trading

Are you someone who would love to cash in on FOREX?

The FOREX Currency Exchange is the market with the highest capital turnover in the world and operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Trading on FOREX is for experts and even then those experts can get it wrong and lose big time. More than 80% of traders lose money in this market, continuously. Psychological factors and lack of experience are key reasons for this. i.e. Being Human!

Training to trade can be expensive, complicated and time consuming. It's not for everyone. Also, it's almost impossible to consistently make profits on FOREX without professional tools.

That's why Automatic Trading Softwares (Robots) also knows as EA's (Expert Advisors) are so popular. The EA's are installed on the trading platform software and get on with the job of trading for you. Many can be effective at first but then falter as they become older and not updated or when market conditions change and their algorithms can't cope.


Intelligent Automated Trading Software




For the last 20 years USI-Tech owners have been behind the scenes creating over 100 Forex Automated Trading Softwares. It's how banks are able to trade and earn so much. Banks allow their own VIP customers to benefit by it's use thereby creating more wealth but such software is not usually available in the public domain.

For the last 8 years USI-Tech has been servicing a group of VIP customers directly (those with €100,000 or more) with their Intelligent Automated Trading Software and have achieved excellent results.

Great Profits – No Knowledge or Experience of Trading Required

Profits are reported from 56% to over 150%. Results of course are not guaranteed but it's a fact that all these VIP accounts are earning consistently well and account holders needed zero knowledge or experience of trading. That's great new for novices and experts alike.

USI-Tech are constantly monitoring the performance of their software which has its own secret algorithms. They work tirelessly to improve and optimize and test their strategy for assured long term success.

On 1 November 2016 USI-Tech opened their doors to a select few and, together with a world class broker, made their VIP Grade Platform available to those with a trading balance of only €1,000. The software licence has a one off cost of €600 and comes with lifetime updates and an ongoing optimisation service.

USI-Tech Launch Event – Oct 2016, Stuttgart, Germany

The great thing is that no technical or practical knowledge of trading is required to have an account and earn.

Licence holders can take comfort in the knowledge that performance is continually monitored and upgraded as necessary. Currently it's on version 8, and yes, the updates really are included for life. There's certainly no need to worry about this product becoming obsolete. This is a long term wealth strategy that USI-Tech are keen to maintain and develop well into the future.

A selection of some members accounts. All are in profit! Live proof available.

Commission and Matrix Commissions
Commission can be earned by referring the licence to others and USI-Tech have an additional commission structure for those qualified. Own the licence yourself and refer three licence sales and you are qualified for matrix commissions. That's when it gets really exciting.

Register Now For Your Free Account


You Need 3 Things To Get Up & Running

[1] Register using the link here and buy your one off License for €600.

[2] Set up your broker account and fund it with a minimum of $1,000.

[3] (Optional step) Find 3 people to do the same.

Here Are The Required Links:

[+] Main signup link:  *

[+] Broker Account (See Easy Setup Guide Once registered)

[+] 2Pay4you Payment Wallet:

[+] Virtual Private Server (VPS):

 * and buy your one off Lifetime License for €600.



To Your Success

Cecilia Chapman


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