Review: Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting

by Cecilia Chapman on 21 April 2010

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Black Belt Recruiting from Mike Dillard and Mark Weisner

Every home business owner knows that to achieve success you have to sponsor people into your business but not everyone is ready or able to walk up to someone in the street and try to talk them into joining your business or opportunity.

Most people just don’t have the confidence to cold call prospects so even when you already have leads looking at your opportunity it may still seem like a huge task  just talking to your prospects.

In Black Belt Recruiting Mike Dillard shows you “how to give yourself this “success aura” that instantly attracts new prospects to you and your business — even if you’re shy, introverted or have the personality of a toad now”.

To get started you can view a free 60 minute training video:

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