The Flexibility of Working from Home

by Cecilia Chapman on 29 June 2010

in Freedom, Work From Home

I was due to have a new crown fitted at the dentists today but received a phone call to say the labs were having problems and it wasn't ready yet.

The receptionist who called me was very apologetic and thanked me for my patience but I really was not worried at all. Working from home and being the boss of my own time I don't have to ask anyone for time off. It was really no great hassle to cross out the appointment in my diary and to schedule another.

I'm sure had I been in an employed position at a regular job things would not have been the same.

Years ago I did have a job at a small company who were very tight on everything including time. Earlier that year (summer 1999) there had been a solar eclipse which was a big event in the UK. When I arrived at my new job the current employees told me they had not even been allowed outside to have a quick look at the eclipse. They had to wait until their lunch hour.

I had an outstanding medical appointment and was forced to ask my new boss permission to go early one day to attend it. Time off was given but it was given begrudgingly. I had felt like Oliver Twist asking for more. Now that I am self employed I'm sure glad I don't have to do anything like that anymore. 🙂 It is sometimes the little freedoms in life that make such a huge difference.

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