The Three C’s To Success

by Cecilia Chapman on 23 May 2016

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The Three C's To Success

If you want to be successful working in almost anything these days and in particular Internet Marketing and Network Marketing you need to have the qualities of The Three C's.

You need to be:

  • Coachable
  • Committed
  • Consistent


The first quality of The Three C's is being Coachable. If you are not coachable you will not learn. You will not take on what is being presented to you. You will waste your own time and worst still, the time of the person mentoring you.

Some people do think they know what's what and don't need to be told. A know it all type of person probably doesn't. Know it all, that is.

Even if you are successful in your own right, you cannot possibly know everything. Always listen, take on board new information, or even old information that is presented in a different way, and learn from that. Chances are you will gain something new out of each and every instance. Wise people never stop learning.


If you lack Commitment you are failing in the second of the The Three C's. Commitment to anything you choose to do, in life or business, can be the difference between success or failure. Be committed to your cause or project. You will see better results than someone who lacks commitment and focus.


The third quality of The Three C's is being Consistent. If you are not consistent your business will be haphazard. It is better to put in a little effort every day than to do nothing for ages and then have a mad session of trying to do everything. Consistency will help your business grow, it will help you spread a workload and being a consistent personality will help you to be know as someone whom is reliable.




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