The Value Of Your Reputation!

by Cecilia Chapman on 6 July 2011

in General Interest

I was recently introduced to a cash leveraging opportunity whilst in its pre launch phase. Normally I would not have considered such a thing but because the information came from someone whose opinion I trusted I looked at it more seriously and decided to get started.

Whilst the system was in pre launch it was a great chance to recruit people so they were positioned at the top of the matrix. I sent broadcasts to my lists, emailed friends and generally got into the spirit of promoting this new opportunity. After all extra stream of income is always nice to have.

In a short space of time I had introduced some people into my downline and we were getting positioned, funds in place ready for the big launch.

The message being given to us was to ‘Pay it Forward' and pay a small sum to get others started. It was, I later discovered, in the hope they would then see the big opportunity and invest themselves and to ‘Pay it Forward' for others, thus filling your matrix and being able to start another.

The pre launch date came and went. It came and went again. Each time an opportunity to recruit more people and push, push, push.

The notification came out… it was time to transfer the funds into the system. I was ready to do that. Not a lot of funds, only $100, though a lot to some people. But I became uneasy and it prompted me abandon the funds transfer and to search deeper for more information about the scheme, the backing company and its owners.

As I studied the plan further when more information was released there was no real substance to it. No details of owners, no details of any payments going out. Only details of how to pay in and how to get more people in, in the hope that they would then themselves pay more in.

As it transpired that there really wasn't a lot of information out there – and when you think about it there should have been. I found something online that made me think “That's it. I cannot in all conscience carry on with this. And I cannot introduce this to anyone else if I can't be totally happy with it myself”.

I think in times like these it's best to come clean and set things right. You have to do the right thing and disassociate yourself with something when you feel it's not right. You also have to be honest with people and come clean about a mistake you've made especially if it affects others to their detriment. It needs to be rectified if possible before any damage is done. I luckily was able to do that in this case.

But what of my reputation? If you are honest with people they will understand. If you come clean about a mistake you have made people will appreciate you have done that and think better of you for it. In fact many people wrote to me with their support after I did ‘come clean'.

So it seems I was able to maintain my good reputation and keep it intact.

A good reputation takes years in the making. Guard it well and treat it with reverence. Be honest and ethical in your dealings with people. Have high standards and if you make a slip come clean, do the right thing to put things right or a good reputation could easily slip away very quickly if you failed to maintain it.

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