Working From Home as Summer Hits the UK

by Cecilia Chapman on 28 June 2010

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Summer has suddenly hit the UK. Yipee!

We get used to the cold and wet and then all of a sudden spring is here and the flowers are bursting into life with colour everywhere. It doesn't mean it's going to be warm though. but then… the sun hots up and we get into summer mode. We turn off the heating , dig out our almost forgotten shorts and head outside with cold drinks into the garden. 

Britain is a delight in the warmth and I for one really appreciate that I work from home. I can wear what I want – in the heat wearing shorts, a T-Shirt and going barefoot when at work is great!  

When the fancy takes me I can wander outside into the garden for a flash (or longer) of sunshine and some fresh air. I can delight in my garden, bees buzzing around the flowers, the rural views over fields and the wildlife that visits us. These of course are the benefits of living in a semi-rural location in the suffolk countryside and working from home.

There are very real dangers when working from home. You get distracted and I must admit that if I go to the kitchen for a drink and see a critter in the garden, furry or feathered I am the first one to rush for my camera to digitally capture that moment before I eventually get back to work. It may be just a few minutes but those magic moments would have been missed if I was out working a ‘proper'  job.

So, yes, it does help to have a work from home (or anywhere) business that is online, using a  computer to harness the power of the internet where in this modern age  it is working for me 24/7 regardless of  when I choose to take a break.

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