Adwello January 16, 2011 at 9:23 PM

How annoying! But great prompt response: all too rare these days! I get tons of emails over about ten accounts mainly affiliate promotions, some of which I file and most of which I totally ignore – I keep 2 email a/c for messages I really want to read and friends..when I see I haven’t read someone in weeks I unsubscribe.
But in the other 8 a/c it is mayhem, however I do look in once weekly and on occasion I have discovered some of the best IM products via these emails. I like to see what other marketers are promoting, and I like to read the style of emails..
I rarely notice the email headline – the ones I open are generally from people who have something to say about their biz – these people are quality contacts and that’s what gets their emails opened! Most IM people, you know it’s only another promo for the latest launch, usually without any link cloaking because they are just so quick off the mark to hustle the offer to you..!
The latest I’m hearing is Aweber are closing affiliate a/c! Because of high spam issues. Ah, whatever happened to the good old Ezine? An email packed with quality info and the odd ad. Or an email containing nothing but a link to a webhosted ezine page would work even better nowadays – and I think I’ll work along those lines from this week on!

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